Karama Medical Centre established in 1992. We have completed 13 successful years of quality medical care and serve.


  • Provide expertise medical care for local and expatriate patients
  • Strive to build a healthy patient to doctor relationship
  • Provide prompt medical care during emergencies
  • Give importance to the overall health & well being of our patients
  • Aim for long term mutual understanding with our patients
  • Have excellent experience on the corporate sector
  • Are working with many reno wned companies for more than 10 years
  • Provide tailor made programmes as per objectives & requirements of individual clients
  • Have an excellent team of well experienced doctors & paramedical staff

A visit to Karama Medical Centre is like being at your family doctor's home. Informal and immensely accessible, KMC is a preferred medical centre for the expatriate community as well as UAE nationals in Dubai , for its efficiency of service and the high standards of medical care it upholds.

We have specialised doctors in Paediatrics, General Medicine, General Surgery, Dentistry, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Orthopaedics and Physiotherapy. More departments will be added very soon and until then, we have a panel of referral doctors in the area ENT, Skin, Ophthalmology , Neurology and Cardiology with the view of providing `Total Care' health service to our individual and corporate clients. We have a high aspiration of developing this institute to a multi-speciality Medical Centre to provide optimum health services under one roof.

The facilities include full fledged Medical Lab., X-ray Department, Ultrasonography, Minor Operation Theatre, fully equipped Physiotherapy Unit etc.

We provide special services on:

  • Executive Health check-up.
  • Basic Cardiac Check up
  • Diabetic & Hypertension Care scheme
  • Antenatal Care Scheme
  • Ann ua l Dental Care Scheme
  • Family Health Care Scheme (annual)

William P.Jeyasingh CEO
The man behind the mission

Aiming to create a cordial atmosphere to the Doctors and Supporting staff so that to provide the best medical service to clients with Care, Compassion and Commitment by staying together on a long-term basis.

The KMC Team - Our Doctors & Paramedical Staff

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